About Us

Hello. My name is Charli, Owner of Healthy Healing LLC. I created Healthy Healing because I wanted to provide products that aid in healing from within. I started learning about Sea Moss back in 2019. I was amazed in learning how this single product as so many benefits. Then 2020 comes and the Corona Virus pandemic hit. I've worked side by side with healthcare professionals battling this virus and I've seen how quickly this virus attacks people. So I thought, maybe I can be proactive instead of reactive. I wanted to find provide a product that would help people recover faster as well as protect and build one's immune system. Sea Moss is a product that has 92 of the 102 minerals we need to maintain a healthy body. It has a variety of benefits. One of this main benefits is that it combats mucus production in the body. Mucus is the start of all respiratory illness. My goal is for people to use our Sea Moss Gel products as apart of their daily routine to heal from within and bring their bodies into optimal health.